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Adventure Travel Pro 

Adventure Travel Pro is an online hub for backpackers and people wanting to live life adventurously through adventure travel and adventure-based experiences.

Our Mission

We inspire people to step outside of their comfort zone to find a greater sense of meaning, joy and excitement in their lives – through adventure travel.

Our goal is to have a positive impact on the adventure tourism industry by promoting pro-social travel and helping businesses grow following the impact of Covid-19.

Our Promise

Honest and actionable advice from someone who’s been where you are and achieved what you want to achieve.

Our Values

Inspire – We fill our customers with the confidence and desire they need to realise their goals.

Positive Contribution/Impact – We support sustainable tourism and giving back to local communities to have a positive impact on the environment and those around us.

Connection We foster deep connection with our customers and people we work with by freely sharing our energy and pro-actively helping those in need. We cultivate trust by being real, honest and transparent.

Choice – We present options rather than a one-size-fits-all solution to help our customers decide what to buy based on what’s right for them.

Perseverance – We help our customers believe that they can achieve their travel goals by taking determined action, trusting the process and remaining resilient in the face of setbacks and difficulty.

EqualityWe treat all people with equal worth, kindness and respect, regardless of their background and circumstance.


Hey, I’m Ash! From an early age, I’ve had a natural passion for adventure, travel and all things “adrenaline”.

After taking a big leap in my 20’s to quit my job and backpack around the world, I knew my life would be changed forever.

Read more about my personal journey below.

Image of me and my long blonde hair. Read more about my story here.
Get Your FREE Solo Travel Starter Pack
Get Your FREE Solo Travel Starter Pack