Recently, I visited Ragged Edge 4×4 to try their extreme 4×4 driving experience.

Since the covid lockdowns, I’d been craving time out of the house and to try something adventurous. Organising an extreme 4×4 driving adventure seemed like the perfect opportunity to set out on a local road trip to have some FUN!

In this article, I share a review of my driving experience, highlight what was involved on the day and whether it is an activity you should try yourself.

But first, let’s look at who Ragged Edge 4×4 are and where their off-road obstacle course is located.



Who is Ragged Edge 4×4?

Founded and operated by Chris Nolan, a fellow V8 off-road enthusiast, Ragged Edge 4×4 has been providing fun off-road 4×4 driving experiences in Lara, Victoria, since 2009.

On site, he has developed a custom-built off-road track that is designed to provide thrill rides for drivers of all ages.

The track consists of four different courses:

  • Razorback
  • Chucky’s Revenge
  • Hell-Dorado
  • Devils Marbles

Depending on how extreme you want to go (and how much fun you want to have!), you’ll get the chance to drive:

  • Up near-vertical walls
  • Down sloping ravines and
  • Over rugged and rocky terrain and
  • Navigate through obstacle courses containing rocks and tyres

There are a couple of different V8 buggies to choose from. When I was there, I got to drive “Grumpy” and “Lumpy”, both seemingly with their own personalities.

Ragged Edge 4×4 is the perfect place to visit to let your hair down, get your V8 “grunt” on and have some light-hearted fun.


Learning to drive an extreme 4x4 buggy


How to Get to Ragged Edge 4×4, Lara

The best way for Victorians to get to Ragged Edge 4×4 is by car.

The course is located at Avalon Raceway, Lara, which is only a short 40-minute drive from Melbourne CBD and a 20-minute drive from Geelong.

For interstate adventure junkies, you can easily access the course from Avalon airport, which is a short 5-minute drive away.

Given its close proximity to the airport, some people have been known to fly down for the day, jump aboard one of Ragged Edge’s V8 buggies for an extreme 4×4 driving experience, and then fly home in the evening.

After all, who wouldn’t want to spend a day 4×4 driving and hopping between states?


My Experience Doing the Extreme 4×4 Driving Experience

So, how did I find the experience?

In one word: Awesome!

After a relaxing road-trip, we were welcomed to the obstacle course with sounds of laughter and cheering as the family before us watched their family members weave through the obstacle course.

They had the full setup:

  • A ute with an awning
  • Chairs
  • Food
  • and cameras held at the ready

It reminded me that, for many, doing an extreme 4×4 driving experience is a big deal!

It’s was also pretty cool watching these badass extreme 4×4 vehicles grunting their way through the course, knowing full well that I was next!

What I really liked about this extreme 4×4 driving experience was that you’re able to get in touch with your inner rev head and are given the freedom to drive at your own pace.

Unlike most driving experiences, this one is less about how fast or skilfully you can drive, but more about having a laugh, learning a new skill, getting dusty and enjoying the very bumpy ride!

Before getting started, Chris provided some detailed instruction on how to drive the buggies, including a short demo drive to help me get the feel of it.

Learn more about Ragged Edge 4×4 here

Ragged Edge 4x4 - Extreme 4x4 Driving Experience

Learning to Drive the Buggies

Contrary to what you’d think, these V8 monsters are driven very differently to how you would a traditional car.

For instance:

  • You steer with the back wheels first and then follow with the front wheels
  • The front wheels are controlled by the steering wheel, whereas the back wheels are controlled by a lever next to your seat
  • You are encouraged to drive with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the rear lever
  • You must use both feet on the brake and the accelerator (gas), rather than using one foot to control both pedals (as you do in a car)

Because of this, one of the greatest challenges of this experience is to temporarily unlearn everything you’ve been taught previously about driving a car.

To help you get the hang of it, Chris shows you how it’s done by taking you on a thrilling passenger lap. During this lap, he provides some technical training and tips on how to drive, crab-walk, flip sideways and climb up walls.


Exploring the Ragged Edge 4×4 Course

As mentioned earlier, there are four different courses available depending on how extreme you want to go.

One of the courses involves a very steep and daunting incline (which resulted in many squeaks and squeals on my part). Another requires you to flip the 4×4 buggy onto its side on two wheels.

I never thought that I’d get the chance to flip a buggy onto its side myself, so learning how to do it was really cool and exceeded my expectations.

Throughout the track’s multitude of bumps, dips and obstacles, Chris actively guides you with a variety of hand gestures to help build your confidence. It also helps to ensure that you drive over the best parts of the track and don’t get lost (as I often did!)

Chris is a really cool, patient and fun instructor. His persistence to take us through all of the courses (despite it being 35°C and him feeling symptoms of heatstroke) made for a really awesome 4×4 driving experience.

Click here to book your own 4×4 drive


Ragged Edge 4x4 - Extreme 4x4 Driving Experience


Is it the Right Driving Experience for You?

Although many of us adventure-junkies find driving along walls, over tyre obstacles and navigating bumpy courses extremely fun, I understand that it is not for everyone.

Here’s how you can know whether the Ragged Edge extreme 4×4 driving experience is for you.

This experience is for you if you:

  • Love trying new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • Love V8 engines
  • Are a bit of a rev-head or lead foot
  • Enjoy having a laugh and letting your hair down
  • Don’t mind getting down and dusty
  • Enjoy bumpy turbulent rides

This experience may not be for you if you:

  • Experience back or neck pain / have a back injury that is sensitive to bumps and jolting movements
  • Don’t like getting dirty or dusty
  • Are seeking a fast “hot lap” driving experience

Although I’m sure the extreme 4×4 buggies can gather some good speed throughout the course, the focus of this driving experience is about enjoying the obstacles rather than hitting high speeds.

Given the arid and dry terrain of the course, I would recommend packing a camera/phone, sunscreen and a drink bottle – especially in summer.

You may also want to pack some snacks as there’s little amenities on site.


How to Book a 4×4 Drive

If you would like to learn more about Ragged Edge 4×4 and their courses, you can check out their range of experiences here.

Currently, there are four different packages available to suit a variety of budgets and interests.

You can choose from the options below, all of which include a passenger lap with a professional 4×4 driver.

  • Taster Package – Drive one track yourself
  • Intro Package – Drive two tracks yourself
  • Comp Package – Drive three tracks yourself
  • The Pro Package – Drive four tracks yourself


My experience doing Ragged Edge 4x4s Extreme Driving Experience

In Summary

Overall, we had an absolute ball doing the extreme 4×4 driving experience with Ragged Edge 4×4 in Lara, Victoria.

In my opinion, this experience provides the perfect opportunity to get out of the house, try something different, enjoy some time outdoors and support local business.

It is the ultimate extreme 4×4 driving experience for those who love V8 engines and driving over rocky off-road courses.

If you’re keen to be more adventurous this year, why not give it a go yourself. Alternatively, buy it as a gift for a loved one or fellow rev-head. Click here to learn more and book a Ragged Edge extreme 4×4 driving experience.

Happy adventuring!

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