Adventure Travel Pro’s Tasmania Travel Itinerary Guide


At 110 pages long, Adventure Travel Pro’s Tasmania Travel Guide features numerous travel tips and three itineraries to help you plan an incredible road trip in Tasmania.

“Well, where do I start. Your Tasmania guide thus far has been invaluable. We booked flights, then a hire car through your recommendation.

The hubby and I will sit in the coming weeks to map out our route but your guide is brilliant and this is why: it contains easy to follow, informative and user-friendly content.

I really love how you have given options for varying price ranges, have maps included and so much information on what to do.

I’m sure I will have more questions as I go along BUT highly would recommend the guide.”

Sharren & Sam

Tasmania: Australia's southern-most state with a rich and complex history.

Surrounded by stunning coast line and lush national parks and scenery, Tasmania is everything you imagine it to be — rejuvenating, historic and filled with fine wine, food, and culture.

However, for first-timers, organising a trip to Tasmania can be intimidating. For example:

  • When should you go?
  • What should you see?
  • How do you get around?
  • How long should you allow?

And most of all, which coastline should you prioritise - east or west?

That’s where this e-guide focused on Tasmania travel itinerary and complete Travel guides Tasmania, comes in.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of information online, TripAdvisor reviews and top-ten lists. Or even within the scroll hole of instagram and/or Youtube videos.

But honestly, who has time to wade through thousands and thousands of websites and reviews written by people who at times, have very little idea what they're talking about.

That's why, I created this guide.

At 110 pages long, I have put my "love, sweat and tears" into creating this Tasmania e-guide for you guys.

Within it, I cover the following topics:

  • East vs West coast - which is best?
  • The best ways to get around Tasmania (especially if planning to road-trip)
  • Alternative ways to get around Tasmania (without a car)
  • How long you should allow
  • The top attractions and things to do in Tasmania (40+ activities to chose from!)

I have also thrown in:

  • 3 different Tasmania itineraries including:
    • Itinerary 1: 4-day Hobart Long Weekend
    • Itinerary 2: 10-14-day East and North Coast Road Trip
    • Itinerary 3: 14-day North and West Coast Road Trip
  • And, various snippets of road maps to help you visualise the drive

This guide is great for adventure travellers and road-trippers, regardless of whether you're planning to spend a long period of time in Tasmania, or will only be there for a long weekend.

With this guidebook, you’ll get to see Tasmania the way it’s meant to be seen.

“I haven’t been to Tasmania, so didn’t really know where to start, what to see etc. I am finding your Tasmania guide very helpful, especially the sample itineraries. I will definitely be using your guide and one of your suggested itineraries when I start planning!”


How This Tasmania Travel e-Guide Will Help You

Beginners Travel Guide to Tasmania - Front Cover (Adventure Travel Pro)
  • You’ll gain insight into Tasmania’s most unique, beautiful and often-overlooked sights on both the east and west coast.


  • You’ll get the lowdown on all of best places to go and what to see and do


  • You’ll get a list of my top tips and recommendations on accommodation and places to stay, no matter your budget.


  • You’ll gain understanding of how long you should allow to drive around Tasmania


  • Gain access to three different road-trip itineraries to use as a guide and make planning your visit as easy as possible.


  • With detailed transport information, you’ll gain insight to all the options to get around like a local.

Get Your Tasmania Guide Today!

This Tasmania Travel Guide is created with love by the team at Adventure Travel Pro. Within this 110 page e-guide, we’ll help you navigate around Tasmania and have the best possible road-trip and adventure.

Adventure Travel Pro's Guide to Tasmania - a look inside

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes your guide different?
Our guides cater to solo and adventure travelers and focus on providing unique tips and less-popular destinations that other guidebooks skip. We’re here for the people who want to travel and expperience an adevnture, not just stay in hotels and take cliche photos.
What’s the difference between this guide and the information on this site?
While this website has a lot of great resources, there’s some information that we only share within our e-guide. For example, our three detailed Tasmania itineraries. Another benefit of the e-guide is that all the information is located within the one place saving you from spending time and effort navigating through a plethora of blog articles and videos to find what you need.
Is this guide available in print?
No, it’s only available as an ebook. However, can download it and save it to your phone, iPad, or computer for easy access when on the road. It can also be used and referenced on as many devices as you want.
If I have any questions or concerns, can I contact you?
Sure! You can contact me anytime via our email: [email protected].