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Hello & Welcome to Adventure Travel Pro!

I’m so excited to be finally taking the leap to create this website and share everything that I’ve learned throughout my travel journeys with you guys.

I hope to help each of you realise your dreams of travelling around the world – whether it be through solo travel, adventure travel and/or volunteering.

Through this website, I will strive to teach you:

  • The exact steps that I took before travelling the world solo for 12 months, so that you can have the confidence to do it too.
  • About the truths of travelling solo – it’s not all sunshine and rainbows
  • How to successfully budget and plan for your trip so that you don’t run out of money
  • What travel gear you will need to take with you to have a comfortable trip
  • About various travel destinations that are safe for solo travellers
  • Free tips, tricks and advice related to travelling solo, adventure travel & volunteering
  • What to do when you do feel lonely or homesick when overseas

I truly want to empower women (and men) to live their best lives, and to show you that you don’t need to travel with someone else to see the world.

There are many different options.

Most of all, I am excited to re-live some my past travel experiences and learnings through the content I write on this website, and to witness my journey unfold as we progress into the future.

I hope you find the content inspiring and educational.

Without further ado, let’s get you started.

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Hey guys, I’m Ash & welcome to Adventure Travel Pro!

As a seasoned traveller, I share knowledge, advice and inspo for newbie solo travellers and thrill seekers.

Let’s get your adrenaline pumping. Click here to get start your journey!

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