The continent of Africa has a lot to offer for solo travellers.

From the iconic Egyptian Pyramids and wild Cape Town penguins to leisure resorts in Tunisia and colourful little streets in Morocco. But if there was one destination that truly paints a picture of Africa, it has to be Zambia.

National parks are filled with incredible wildlife, landscapes adorned with giant rumbling waterfalls and unique locations unveil important history.

So, even if you are a solo traveller, you should not hesitate to open this traveller‘s treasure chest that Zambia is.

To start completing your bucket list, look no further than this list of places to travel when in Zambia.

Here are the 7 top places to travel to when in Zambia as a solo traveller.


Top 7 things to do in Zambia - Victoria Falls

1.   Victoria Falls

Solo traveller or not, Victoria Falls is one of the best places to travel to when in Zambia, and simply a must-see wonder. Its sheer size (width of 1,708m) and breathtaking volume and turbulence makes it one of the grandest waterfalls on the planet.

Travelling solo?

The best thing about it is that you have multiple options for exploring this masterpiece of nature. Whether it‘s a helicopter flight, observing from a bridge or even rafting below these gushing waters.

These waterfalls are perched on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe within the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.

If you’re up for more, don’t hesitate to explore the park and see giraffes, zebras, elephants and more wildlife 


Interesting Highlights & Facts Include:

  • 500 million cubic metres of water is cascading every minute in Victoria Falls. This is equal to 200 Olympic swimming pools. 
  • The noise of the waterfall can be heard up to 40 kilometres. 
  • Once the full moon is present, you can see a rainbow at night, a phenomenon known as the “Moonbow“.


2.  Livingstone

If you‘re visiting Victoria Falls, you should be aware of the closest town to it – Livingstone.

Named after the explorer David Livingstone and established back in 1905, the town has its own historical charm.

Hosting numerous museums, including the oldest museum in the country, Livingstone is one of the best places to travel to in Zambia. Especially if you want to combine education, history and sightseeing.

Lots of history and prehistory can be revealed here through museums with additional attractions such as:

  • shopping in local markets
  • tasting the cuisine in restaurants, and
  • going for city tours.


Interesting Highlights & Facts Include:

  • Livingstone looks to be stuck in time, with a mixture of African and British colonial architecture and designs both still present in the streets.
  • The town is only 10 kilometres away from Victoria Falls. 
  • It is one of the richest towns in terms of culture.
  • Livingstone museums include archaeology, ethnography, history, geology, folklore and railway exhibitions.

3.   Blue Lagoon National Park

The Blue Lagoon National Park is easily one of the most beautiful places in Zambia.

Situated within the 150-km range from the capital Lusaka, it is perfect for a quick day trip. Sparkling azure waters are adorned by small waterfalls and green lush surroundings with wonderful bird watching opportunities.

Surprisingly, the park has only been made open to the public recently, therefore it remains quite untouched from tourism.

So definitely check it out.

Go for a swim, observe the many herds of antelope, and enjoy the barely touched grasslands of Zambia!


Interesting Highlights & Facts Include:

  • The park was founded in 1976.
  • The best time to visit the national park is the wet season.
  • Sometimes, large river pythons can be spotted on the plains.

4.  South Luangwa National Park

The time has come for the true African safari experience in Zambia!

Welcome to beautiful grassy plains, lively woodlands, pristine rivers and mesmerizing vegetation. Within these unspoiled yet protected African boundaries, you‘ll stumble upon a place where true action takes place!

This safari experience includes iconic animals such as giraffes, elephants, cape buffalos, hippos, and more.

The park is situated on the Luangwa Valley floor with an area of 9050 square kilometres. It has one of the highest wildlife numbers on the continent – an unbeatable discovery playground for any traveller out there.

All of this and much more makes South Luangwa National Park one of the best places to travel to when in Zambia.


Interesting Highlights & Facts Include:

  • The park was originally a game reserve in 1938, later becoming a national park in 1972.
  • Around 60 mammal species call South Luangwa National Park their home.
  • 400 out of Zambia’s 732 bird species can be spotted in the park‘s territory.


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5.   Shiwa Ngandu Manor House

When people think of Zambia, they often only envision the impressive landscapes and national parks throughout the country. However, there is also some cool architecture and rich history to check out too.

For example, the Shiwa Ngandu Manor House.

This can also be considered one of the top places to travel to when in Zambia.

This English-style house was built in 1932 and is situated in the Northern Province of Zambia. It was built by a young Englishman Stewart Gore-Browne who was driven by a love for this country.

Today, the house is restored and even welcomes guests to stay in the manor.

There are various activities you can do from the Manor including horse safari and hiking around the estate.


Interesting Highlights & Facts Include:

  • Stewart Gore-Brown was very active in contributing to the independence of Zambia.
  • This large 12,000-hectare estate also boasts hot springs, waterfalls, peaking hills, and lakes within its territory.
  • Shiwa Ngandu estate once had its own shops, hospitals, schools, and the post office.
  • Today, touring this area is free for locals

Lake Kariba - Zambia

6.   Lake Kariba

What if we told you that the largest man-made reservoir on the planet sits right here, in Zambia?

Built-in the 1950s, this stunning attraction has made our list for the top 7 places to visit when in Zambia.

Kariba Dam is a spectacle to witness – at 26 km long and up to 40 km wide. It is said that the Lake‘s sheer size gives an ocean-like feel once standing on the shores.

The dam not only provides a lot of electricity to Zambia and Zimbabwe but also aids the fishing industry and boosts tourism for a much needed economic push in the country.

As a solo traveller, you‘ll be presented with a variety of options to stay and explore – from lakeshore lodges and campsites to house boating and enjoying picturesque sunsets.


Interesting Highlights & Facts Include:

  • Kariba’s reservoir is the largest in the world by volume which is an outstanding 185 billion m3. 
  • To complete the project, a relocation happened with 22000 people going into Zimbabwe, 35000 people into Zambia while 6000 animals moved from the river valley. 
  • It took 6 years to fill Lake Kariba.

7.   Kafue National Park

The last, but not least on our list is Kafue National Park. It is the largest national park in Zambia.

This 22,400 km nature’s area is the pride of the country, after all, it is the oldest and largest national park at the same time.

At Kafue, it is all about the wildlife.

The waterways will unveil massive crocodiles and hippos lurking nearby, while floodplains and grasslands will give you herds of zebras, blue wildebeests, antelopes and lions just behind them.

Lodging here is made easy, and activities such as game drives, canoeing and fishing will keep the hype alive until the very last day.

Once in Zambia, make sure to leave some time and space in your bucket list for this gigantic and thriving national park.

It is without question, one of the most thrilling places to travel to when in Zambia!


Interesting Highlights & Facts Include:

  • The park is very diverse and rich in different ecosystems – from forests and swamps to savannahs and open plains. 
  • Over 400 bird and 40 mammal species can be found within the park. 
  • It is one of the best places in Africa to spot leopards.

In Summary:

The 7 Top Places to Travel to when in Zambia for Solo travellers:

  1. Victoria Falls
  2. Livingstone
  3. Blue Lagoon National Park
  4. South Luangwa National Park
  5. Shiwa Ngandu Manor House
  6. Lake Kariba
  7. Kafue National Park

These 7 places to travel to when in Zambia will make your trip educational, diverse, and incredibly memorable.



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