The state of Western Australia is a unique landscape of countless sights and wonders, making up 32% of Australia’s total landmass.  You can find a ton of activities here that are perfect for all kinds of adventurers.

The region is well regarded for its natural beauty with sweeping deserts, lush winelands and a plethora of exciting activities and locations to enjoy.

Two of the most beautiful places in this unimaginably scenic state are the towns of Denmark and Albany.

Located near each other in the lush and fertile southern coastal stretches of Western Australia, these two regions encapsulate the nation’s natural beauty. They also provide visitors with access to a large number of fun and exciting activities.

For those wanting an escape from the monotony of endless lockdowns, I hope that this guide will help to give you some inspiration.

Now, let’s take a look at the 5 best things to do in Albany and Denmark, Western Australia.

The 5 Best Things to do in Albany, Western Australia 

Located just 6 hours from Perth, Western Australia’s state capital, the city of Albany sits directly on the coast.

Albany is well known for its beautiful, secluded beaches, historical past and untouched natural beauty.

To help you enjoy this beautiful region we’ve assembled a list of the top 5 best activities to enjoy while exploring Albany.


1) Indulge Your Senses at the Local Wineries & Distilleries  

Albany is one of the best places to use as a base to explore the fantastic Great Southern Wine Region. 

While its neighbour, Denmark, is a more noted stop on the south coast route, Albany offers visitors access to more than 70 hectares of vineyards to explore and enjoy.

If you fancy a glass of red, head north to Wignalls Wines and savour some of the town’s finest Pinot Noirs and Albany Dew Rose’.

If you’re more of a spirit or whiskey connoisseur, head on over to Great Southern Distilling Company and try some of the best whiskey in the world.

This company uses Albany’s pristine spring water to create delicious spirits and visitors can enjoy a behind the scenes tour to discover everything they need to about the art of distilling.


2) Explore the Various Nature Walks & Hiking Trails 

All of Western Australia’s southern coast is covered with beautiful walking trails and hiking spots. In Albany, you can discover some of the world’s most remarkable trails.

The Bibbulmun Track, for example, stretches almost 1,000 kilometres, winding between Albany and Kalamunda, near the city of Perth.

It is one of the best long-distance treks in the entire world and passes through towering forests, tranquil farmland and along wild beaches.

The area has various short and medium-distance trails for eager hikers to explore, including the Public Silo Mural trail and the stunning Point Possession heritage trails.

Beautiful hikes in Albany and Denmark, Western Australia

3) Witness the Stunning Scenery of Nearby National Parks, Islands & Beaches 

With 60 national parks spread throughout Western Australia and more than 20,000 kilometres of stunning sandy coastline, visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to discovering the natural beauty of Australia.

Albany has access to some of the states more beautiful coastal national parks, including the rugged landscape of Torndirrup National Park.

This park is especially known for its spectacular wave-carved rock formations and stunning attraction including the Natural Bridge, the Gap, and the Blowholes, all while enjoying the impressive coastal scenery.

If you’d like to go on a guided tour of this stunning area, you can check out the The Gap & Natural Wonders Tour.

They will take you on the journey through the Torndirrup National Park and give you the chance to enjoy the pristine marine environment of the Southern Australian coastline.

A simply breathtaking experience!

You can also find some of Australia’s best beaches around the Albany region including Little Beach and Emu-point Beach (a kayaker’s haven!). Little beach is one of Western Australia’s best and most pristine beaches.


4) Take a Step Back into History 

Albany has a rich history of convicts, war and whaling. Because of this, it has many interactive and creative exhibits that showcase its unique past.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the history of the area, step aboard the Brig Amity.

This ship is an authentic replica of the vessel that carried settlers and convicts to the west coast of Australia in 1826.

Here you’ll gain insight into life aboard a convict ship and learn how the expedition forged peaceful relations with the local Aboriginal people.

Another historical site includes the ANZAC centre

This state-of-the-art museum that uses multimedia displays and historical artefacts to pay tribute to the Australian and New Zealander forces who served in World War I.

You can buy your entry ticket to the Anzac Museum here. 

You can also explore the one-of-a-kind Albany Whale Museum, built from the remains of a former whaling station. It provides a detailed history of whaling in the area and an even better location to spot whales from the shore.

Drive to Wave rock from Albany, Western Australia

Wave Rock, Hyden

5) Want to Witness Something Special or Unique?

One of Albany’s most defining features is its proximity to some of the best whale migration routes in the world. 

From late May through to October, Humpback and Southern Right Whales travel into the sheltered waters of King George Sound in Albany and use it as a resting spot.

If you want to see these magnificent animals up close, check out the awesome Bremer Canyon Killer Whale expedition.

This tour will escort you to an abundant and remote oceanic marine sanctuary, which is a popular hunting ground for the magnificent Killer Whale. It is also a critical ecological research zone, which your trip will help to fund and support!

Click here to learn more about this incredible Killer Whale Tour.

If you’re looking for a land-based activity, click in your seat belt and take a drive to the remarkable Wave Rock near the town of Hyden.

Now this isn’t a short drive. It will take you a good 4 hours, however it is a pretty cool site to see.

This granite cliff face stretches 110-metres long and is shaped like a mighty crashing wave. It is one of Western Australia’s most unique natural wonders.

Given the long drive from Albany, I’d probably suggest that you include it as part of a drive to somewhere else (Eg. Esperance), or on your way to Albany from Perth (if taking the regional drive).


  • Top Things to Do in Esperance



The 5 Best Things to Do in Denmark, Western Australia 

Located just 40 minutes from Albany, Denmark is the far smaller sibling of the two towns but is well regarded by visitors for its stunning countryside, scenic drives and cool climate wineries. 

While it may be smaller, it does not lack things to do.

Here are so the best 5 things to do in Denmark, Western Australia. 


1) Check out the Local Wineries & Breweries 

The town is set along the Denmark River, nestled between tree-covered hillsides and the edge of the Wilson Ocean inlet.

Its towering wood forests create the perfect climate for winemaking. Similar to Albany, you can spend countless hours exploring its many fantastic vineyards and wine cellars around Denmark, Western Australia.

Some of the most notable include Howard Park, which has been producing cool-climate wines for 30 years. There’s also the stunning Singlefile Wines vineyard in Denmark, which serves award-winning Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


2) Take a Hike Along the Various Nature Walks and Trails

The southwestern chunk of Western Australia is one of only 34 internationally recognised biodiversity hotspots globally.

Denmark sits right in the middle of this natural landscape with many of its exquisite hiking trails crisscrossing the beautiful scenery.

Here you can explore magical hiking trails that show the true beauty of this fantastic state with trails like Elephants Rock hike, with rock formations carved by the Southern Ocean waves.

You can also explore the Ancient Empires Walk which takes you through the local forest and the base of a split giant tingle tree.


3) Explore the Beautiful Scenery of the Nearby National Parks, Islands & Beaches 

In Denmark, you can enjoy the Mount Shadforth Scenic drive, a fantastic roadside route that takes you through rolling countryside hills, vineyards, and beautiful farmland territories.

This scenic drive ends at the stunning Mount Shadforth scenic look out.

Stare into the transfixing Greens Pool at William Bays National Park, where massive round granite boulders emerge from the sparkling still waters of these unique ocean pools.

This is an unreal oasis in one of the region’s most beautiful national parks.

Eager beach enthusiasts can also take a trip down to the serene and secluded Shelley Beach, a beautiful sand beach found in the West Cape Howe National Park.

It is located southeast of Denmark and is the perfect spot for an overnight camping trip. You will also get the chance to watch the sun set over this stunning beachfront haven.

Greens Pool near Denmark, Western Australia

Greens Pool near Denmark, Western Australia

4) Go Back in Time and Learn About Denmark’s History

If you love dinosaurs or archaeology, the Denmark Dinosaur World is an exciting step back into the Jurassic Era. This natural history museum has the only completed T-Rex skeleton in all of Australia.

Visitors can also enjoy interactive experiences at the park’s bird and reptile centres, allowing you to get up close to some distant cousins of the dinosaurs.

It’s a great site for families too, keeping the kids thoroughly entertained.

You can also go for a wander through Denmark’s Historical Museum which used to be the former Denmark Police Station.

Here you can learn about the region’s history since its foundation in 1895 as part of the first Western Australian gold rush. The museum contains original artefacts, journals and much much more.


5) Experience Something Unique & Tasty

The pace of life in Denmark is a lot quieter than other locations in Western Australia, with a heavy focus on wine and the quaint countryside walks.

However, it is quickly becoming a growing part of the Southern Wine Region’s gastronomic scene with hundreds of top tier restaurants emerging all over the town.

Some popular restaurants include Pepper & Salt Restaurant (fine dining) and the Boston Brewery restaurant (famous for its beer-infused dishes).

If you are lucky enough to visit in March, ensure to attend the Taste Great Southern food festival in Denmark. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy all the culinary wonders this town has to offer.


So, there you have it!

The 5 Best Things to do in Albany and Denmark, Western Australia (WA)

Wherever you decide to go, be it Albany, Denmark or both, you will find a wide variety of sights and activities to enjoy.

Whether it be indulging your senses, hiking the various nature trails, marvelling at the scenery, trying something unique or learning about the region’s history.

Any journey to Albany or Denmark will allow you to enjoy some of the most beautiful, diverse and unique landscapes in all of Australia.

A road trip to either of these stunning destinations is sure to give you the sense of freedom that many of us are yearning for right now.

So, what are you waiting for?

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