Malawi is a landlocked country located in the south-east of Africa.

Although a relatively small and unknown tourist destination, the country has a lot of beauty to offer.

Despite it’s size, the landscape of Malawi is very interesting and includes sparse highlands, the Great Rift Valley and Lake Malawi (which takes up a fifth of the country’s entire land mass).

Although a very poor country, the locals are renowned for the friendliness towards tourists.

Lake Malawi National Park is popular with tourists for diving and boating, with clear waters and diverse wildlife in and out of the water.

Compared to Australia, the cost of living in Malawi is pretty cheap. According to Numbeo, the living costs in Malawi are 30-60% lower than Australia.

Top Things to See & Do in Malawi:

  • Lake Malawi
  • Lake Malawi National Park
  • Majete Wildlife Reserve
  • Mt Mulanje
  • Liwonde National Park
  • Nyika National Park

Weather Overview

Hottest months:   Oct & Nov
Average temp:  26-27 °C
Coldest months:  June – July
Average temp:   20-21 °C

The best time to visit Malawi is between May – late October.

During this time, you are blessed with the drier Winter months which gives you warm sunny days near the beach (Lake Malawi).

It also tends to be the best time for game viewing / safari too.

Note that it can get a bit chilly at night in the Northern parts of Malawi.

Avoid travelling to Malawi during the mid-summer months (Jan – Feb) as it can get VERY hot and humid, nearly unbearable to most tourists. The risk of getting Malaria is also heightened during this time.


NOTE: Malawi is within the “moderate” risk zone for Malaria, so ensure to pack anti-malaria tablets and take as prescribed.

Malawi is one of the worlds least-developed countries. Therefore, transport options for tourists are quite limited.
The majority of the main roads are sealed,  however once you start to go off the beaten track, they’re often rutted and potholed. Secondary roads are usually graded dirt.
This makes driving in Malawi slow and at times, danger­ous.
This is why I was grateful that I travelled through Malawi on a group tour. That way, I didn’t have to worry about any of it.

Best transport options:

  • Join a group tour / day trip and let them do the driving
  • Hire a car & drive with a buddy (but not at night)
  • Local flights between the main cities
  • Bicycle (mountain bike)
  • Ferry (Ilala ferry)
  • Bus / Coach (AXA Coach Service)
The Best Adventure Activities in  Malawi are:

  • Hike or rock-climb up Mount Malanje which is central Africa’s highest peak
  • For the best game viewing and Safari’s, head to Liwonde National Park
  • Go on Safari in one of Malawi’s beautiful wildlife parks
  • Enjoy snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking or chilling on the beach at Lake Malawi
  • Low Cost of Living 80% 80%
  • Safe for Travellers 80% 80%
  • Landscapes & Scenery 70% 70%
  • Tourist Attractions & Things to Do 55% 55%
  • Adventure Rating 50% 50%

Disclaimer: Always check the website (or related) before travelling overseas, for their latest safety updates, advice and recommendations.


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Mosquito Repellant for Botswana

Insect Repellent

Given the degree of water surrounding you at Lake Malawi and other parts of the country, mosquitoes can be a nightmare.

Some parts of Malawi are considered moderate-risk Malaria zones.

This is why I recommend that you pack heavy duty insect repellent to deter mosquitoes and protect you throughout the night.

You can get repellents with Deet in them, or even more natural plant-based versions as shown above.

Solo travel in South Africa

Matein Backpack - 25L

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Microfibre towel for Malawi Travel

Rainleaf Microfibre Towel

Given Lake Malawi is one of the most popular tourist attractions, you’re going to be around a lot of water and beaches.

Rainleadf Micro-fibre towels are fantastic because they take up minimal space in your backpack, dry quickly and are very absorbant.

They are perfect for travellers or campers, and give you the freedom to take part in the lake water activities without carrying around a heavy, damp or smelly bathtowel the entire time.

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