Queensland or “QLD” as many call it, is located in the north-east of Australia.

Its coastline stretches for nearly 7,000km making it an incredible destination of  pristine beaches and coastal towns.

Just offshore sits the Great Barrier Reef, which is the world’s largest coral reef system and a snorkeller’s paradise.

There’s also an incredible range of national parks and historical rainforests to explore on foot.

If surfing is more your jam and you want to experience the “beachy” lifestyle, head on over to the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

These coastal towns lie just outside of Brisbane, the state’s capital.

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Top Things to See & Do in Queensland:

  • Explore Brisbane CBD
  • Jump on a roller coaster at one of the many theme parks: Dreamworld, Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World or Wet’n’Wild
  • Relax at the beaches and go surfing along the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast
  • Go hiking in Glass House National Park
  • Visit the coastal town of Noosa
  • Explore Cairns and Port Douglas up north
  • Admire the nature and scenic views of Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest
  • Drive up to the tip of Australia, Cape York
  • Indulge and relax in the Whitsundays and visit Whitehaven Beach
  • Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Weather Overview

Brisbane (South)
Hottest months:  Jan & Feb
Average temp: 25 – 30° degrees Celsius
Coldest months: June & July
Average temp: 15 – 20° degrees Celsius
Cairns (North)
Hottest months:  Jan & Feb
Average temp: 28 – 31° degrees Celsius
Coldest months: June & July
Average temp: 22 – 25° degrees Celsius
Given Queensland is such a big state, the climate can vary significantly as you head from the south to north into the more tropical regions. 
Queensland has a sub-tropical humid climate with two seasons:
  • The rainy and humid season during Summer (October to May) and
  • The dry season that falls during the cooler months of Winter (June and October)
You should also be mindful of Queensland’s tropical cyclone season, that runs from 1 November to 30 April, with most cyclones falling between December – April.
In general, the best time to visit Queensland is between the drier winter months of June and October.

The best way for travellers to get around Queensland is to drive or fly between the main cities.

There is a lot of ground to cover between the key cities/towns – afterall, it is one of Austalia’s largest states.

The best options in the cities:

  • Walking
  • Hire a car
  • Book a Taxi/Uber
  • Catch public transport
  • Hire a bike

Between Destinations:

  • Hire a car, 4WD or caravan and road-trip
  • Local flights between the main cities
  • Regional trains and coaches

The Best Adventure Activities in Queensland are:

  • Go snorkelling or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Road-trip up to the tip of Austalia, Cape York.
  • Go bungee jumping in Cairns. The only place to bungee jump in Australia.
  • Swim with sharks and whales
  • Go white water rafting down Tully River
  • Explore the vast outback
  • Hike through QLD’s many national parks and rainforests
  • Go mountain bike riding
  • Get an adrenaline-rush riding a roller coaster at one of the many theme parks 
  • Go skydiving or sailing in the Whitsundays
  • Glide through the skies whilst Hot Air Ballooning 
  • Surf along the coast
  • Cost of Living 65% 65%
  • Safety 90% 90%
  • Landscapes & Scenery 100% 100%
  • Tourist Attractions & Things to Do 95% 95%
  • Adventure Rating 95% 95%

Disclaimer: Always check the smartraveller.gov.au website (or related) before travelling overseas, for their latest safety updates, advice and recommendations.



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