Victoria, or “VIC” as many call it, is a state in southeast Australia.

Victoria comprises of vast and diverse landscapes from mountains, national parks and grasslands to acres of vinyards and surf beaches. 

It’s a great place for road-trips and camping amongst nature’s wilderness. 

Melbourne, the state’s capital city, is an incredible place for travellers and locals to explore with:

  • 19th century laneways
  • A central arts precinct
  • A mixture of modern and historical buildings
  • Numerous plazas, boutique bars and restaurants
  • Eclectic suburbs
  • A big focus on good food and entertainment

The unique cuisine on offer in Melbourne’s CBD, makes it a true delight for foodies. 

Click here to learn more about Victoria & the top things to do. 

Top Things to See & Do in Victoria:

  • The Great Ocean Road
  • Grampians National Park
  • Melbourne CBD
  • South Melbourne
  • Queen Victoria Market
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Federation Square
  • Melbourne Museums & Art Galleries
  • St. Kilda Beach
  • Great Otway National Park
  • Luna Park Melbourne
  • Dandenong Ranges & Puffing Billy Railway
  • Mount Buffalo National Park
  • The 12 Apostles
  • Phillip Island

Weather Overview

Hottest months:  Jan & Feb
Average temp: 26° Celsius
Coldest months: June & July
Average temp: 15° Celsius
Victoria is a great year-round destination, however it does depend on what you want to do and where you want to go.
If you’re interested in road-tripping, outdoor activities and going to the beach, then you’ll want to time your trip during Spring or Summer (November-February).
This is when daily temperatures are at their warmest and there’s less rain. However, this is also the most common season for bushfires in the more arid areas.
During Winter (June-August), the temperatures are much colder and rain is common. 

Getting around Victoria is relatively easy.

Given it’s one of the most populated cities in Australia, the public transport system is very good. 

In the city, there are a number of free and paid public transport options to choose from.

If wanting to get out to the more regional areas and national parks, then driving is your best bet.

The roads are great quality in Victoria.

The best options in the cities:

  • Walking
  • Jump on the city tram and explore the free city loop zone
  • Use the metro (train) system
  • Jump on a public bus
  • Book a Taxi/Uber
  • Hire a bike
  • Hire a car (I wouldn’t suggest this if you haven’t driven in Melbourne CBD before – it can be stressful)

Regional Areas:

  • Hire a car, 4WD or caravan
  • Take regional public transport (trains and buses)

The Best Adventure Activities in Victoria are:

  • Low Cost of Living 30% 30%
  • Safety 90% 90%
  • Landscapes & Scenery 95% 95%
  • Tourist Attractions & Things to Do 100% 100%
  • Adventure Rating 95% 95%

Disclaimer: Always check the website (or related) before travelling overseas, for their latest safety updates, advice and recommendations.



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