• Over the lockdowns and being stuck at home?
  • Craving to get outdoors and experience something new, exciting and fun?

Yep. I feel you!

Welcome to Adventure Travel Pro!

Here you’ll gain authentic solo travel advice, tips and inspiration to adventurous thrill seekers.

Our aim is to help you build the confidence to step outside of your comfort zone and start planning your next adventure.

Whether you’re clear on what you want to do, or have absolutely NO idea, you’re in the right place.

Solo Travel Tips

Solo Travel

Ready to take on the world solo?

Amazing! Click here to learn more about solo travel and what you need to know when planning your first trip.

Action Sports & Adventure

Action & Adventure

Ready to get your Adrenaline pumping?

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The lockdowns and restrictions have been challenging for many of us, especially for us adventurous souls who crave:

  • Seeing new places
  • Doing things out of the ordinary
  • Pushing ourselves to our limits
  • Breaking our comfort zones
  • Ticking something off our bucket lists
  • Meeting new people
  • Geting our adrenaline levels pumping

Give you’re here right now, I can confidently assume that you relate to at least one or more of these things.

And despite being somewhat restricted (#thanksCOVID), there are still many things that we can do domestically within our home towns to enlighten our souls. 

It’s also the perfect time to start planning your next adventure, and use this time to explore your backyard. So,

  1. Grab yourself coffee (or a cheeky wine).
  2. Relax.
  3. And….



Travelling Solo for the First Time? 


I’m already so excited for you!

If GIFs could reflect my current emotions, this would be very close…

Excited for Solo Travel GIF Excited for Solo Travel GIF

Go you for making that decision.

Solo travel can be freaking daunting…but it can also be one of the most empowering things you ever do.

Trust me I know!

Having travelled solo for 12 months through Africa, the Middle East and Europe, AND 1 month solo through Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, I know a thing or two about solo travel.

And the most critical part of any solo trip is planning.

Here’s a great outline of the core steps you need to follow to plan your first trip.

Also ensure to get your FREE copy of our Solo Travel Starter Pack.

This pack will give you a great overview of all the steps you need to consider when planning your first trip.

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From planning your trip, setting a budget, staying safe, making friends and overcoming loneliness, I’m sure you’ll find everything you need.

Already Travelled Before?

If you’ve travelled before but are starting to plan your next trip, we’ve got just what you need.

Start by checking out some of our highly recommended travel destinations, that I’ve personally been to as part of my journey.

If you need to stock up on some more travel gear before you go, you can read my top recommendations in the article linked below.

Travel Inspiration:

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