How to Road Trip from Perth to Esperance

If you’re planning a road trip from Perth to Esperance, you’re definitely going to love this detailed guide for adventurous road-trippers.

Here, I share the best places to stop at on your way to Esperance, as well as many places to see on your way home (regardless of which route you choose to go).

Western Australia is an incredible wonderland of things to do, but before you pack your bags and take off for the adventure of a lifetime, ensure to familiarise yourself with these top places to visit along Western Australia’s south coast.

Day 1: Perth

Given our road trip starts from Perth, it make sense to point out some of the top things you can do in Perth, before you start your road-tripping journey,

When I went to Perth, I had very little expectations of the city.

I didn’t know of many people who had been there and hadn’t heard a lot about it. But when I arrived, I was blown away. It completely exceeded my expectations. 

With pleasant daily temperatures year-round, Perth is a great place to explore in all seasons. 

Top things to do in Perth include: 

  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden
  • Cottesloe Beach
  • Scarborough Beach
  • Elizabeth Quay
  • AGWA – Art Gallery of WA
  • Fremantle Markets
  • Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle
  • WA Maritime Museum
  • Saint Mary’s Cathedral


Day 2: Perth – Margaret River 

  • Distance: 269 km
  • Drive time: Approx 3 hours

Yay, it’s time to start your road trip from Perth to Esperance!

Margaret River is a very popular destination among tourists – known for its boutique breweries, picturesque wine region and beaches along the coast. 

Although a 3-hour drive (without stops) from Perth, the drive to Margaret River is pretty easy and straightforward, with quality roads and various places to stop at and enjoy along the way.

A you make your way to Margaret River, there are many small coastal townships and sites to explore.

Some of the more common ones include Lake Clifton, Bunbury, Busselton, Tuart Forest National Park, Eagle Bay and Dunsborough. I’ll explore each of these in more detail below.

Drive Stop 1: Lake Clifton Thrombolites

Only an hour or so from Perth, we’ve already reached our first stop: the Lake Clifton Thrombolites. 

At first glance, I thought thrombolites were just round rocks crafted by the water of the lake. However, these unique natural phenomena have actually been built by tiny micro-organisms that are too small for the human eye to see. 

Given the fragility of the thrombolites, you are discouraged from touching them and are instead guided to an observation walkway where you can enjoy the best views of the formations. 

You can also opt to do the 5km Lakeside Loop trail which takes around 2 hours to complete and takes you along the eastern shoreline of Lake Clifton.

Lake Clifton Thrombolites

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Drive Stop 2: Bunbury 

Bunbury is a small port city that is known for its wild bottlenose dolphins that swim close to the beach at Koombana Bay. This is an optional pit stop on your way to Busselton.

Some may choose to drive through this town, however there are a couple of cool things to see in Bunbury including the Dolphin Discovery Centre and Bunbury’s Regional Art Gallery & Museum. 

Drive Stop 3: Busselton Town, Jetty & Surrounds

As you continue your road trip from Perth to Esperance, you’ll come across the small coastal town of Busselton. 

Busselton is a small city located south of Perth. It is known for its sheltered beach, seasonal humpback whale populations and 152 year old timber jetty, Busselton Jetty. 

This jetty is believed to be the longest timber jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. At 1.8km long, it is a great place to stop and stretch your legs. 

The jetty even descends into an Underwater Observatory where you can get a glimpse at the diverse marine life that have made this incredible jetty, and its surrounding area, their home. 

Perth to Esperance Road Trip | Busselton Jetty

Tuart Forest National Park

If you love nature and hiking, or just need to cleanse your lungs after a couple of hours in a car, make sure to have a quick stop at the Tuart Forest.

This is a lovely nature stop to enjoy before you enter Busselton.  The Tuart Forest National Park protects the largest remaining pure forest of tuart trees in the world. 

Many of the trees inside this park are extremely old (300+ years) and are therefore very big, with some trees more than 33m tall and with a girth of over 10m. That’s freaking huge!

If arriving into Busselton in the evening, ensure to explore the possum spotlighting trail at night. This easy 1.5km walk (approx. 1 hour) starts from the Layman picnic site and is designed to be a self-guided torch-lit adventure.

On this trail you are likely to witness the nocturnal inhabitants of the tuart forest including the western ringtail possum and brushtail possum. 

After spotting some possums and taking in the lush green vibes of the forest, it’s time to continue your road trip from Perth to Esperance. Let’s go!


Humpback Whale Watching Tours

If you’re interested in seeing humpback whales in Western Australia, there are various whale watching tours that operate along the coast. 

Most tours go for about 2.5 hours and leave from Busselton, Augusta and Dunsborough. Whilst on the tour, there’s a great chance that you’ll see seals, large sea birds and dolphins.

I believe that whale sightings are seasonal though. So, make sure to check the best times to see them.

Road Trip Perth to Esperance | Stop in Dunsborough to See the Humpback Whales

Road Trip Perth to Esperance | Stop in Busselton to See the Humpback Whales

Drive Stop 4: Eagle Bay & Dunsborough

Eagle Bay is known as the luxury escape of choice for Western Australia’s rich and famous. If you love admiring impressive beach-front homes, this is the place to go.

There’s also a range of other activities you can enjoy in Eagle Bay and Dunsborough. 

For example, you can: 

    • Indulge in world-class food and wine
    • Go surfing at one of the big-wave beaches nearby (Eg. Yallingup) 
    • Enjoy various hikes at Geographe Bay and Cape Naturalist, including the 135km cape to cape walk. Its scenic views of the beaches, tall karri tree forests, ancient caves and spring wildflowers (season dependent) are well worth the effort.
    • Take scenic pictures at Sugarloaf Rock
    • Enjoy a beer, ale or wine at Eagle Bay Brewing Co, a family owned and run restaurant, brewery and vineyard
    • Witness diverse marine life while scuba diving at the HMAS Swan dive wreck 
    • Snorkelling or swimming in the sheltered shallows of the bay
    • Spot migratory whales between June to November. 

Once you’ve had the chance to stretch your legs, continue the drive into Margaret River. 


Day 3: Margaret River (Stay Overnight)

Having now completed the first leg of your road trip from Perth to Esperance, it’s time for a stop in Margaret River. 

Being one of Australia’s largest wine regions, Margaret River is one of the best known attractions south of Perth.

With over 200 rolling vineyards, the region is packed with top-grade wineries that produce more than 25 percent of Australia’s premium wine. In addition to wine, Margaret River is also renowned for its boutique breweries, pristine beaches along the coast, lush forests and ancient caves.

No matter how long you plan to stay or your interests, you’re sure to find a ton of things to do in Margaret River. 

Popular activities include:

If you’re interested in doing a wine tour in Margaret River, here are some great options to check out:

If you’re an adventurous soul or love nature, make sure to check out Mammoth Cave, Jewel Cave or Lake Cave. 

During our time in Margaret River, we went to Mammoth Cave and Lake Cave and both were equally stunning. I will explain a bit more about each of them below. 


Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave is one of the larger caves in the south-west of Australiawith huge caverns, flow stones, shawls and majestic stalactite and stalagmite formations. 

The cave was reportedly discovered in 1895, and it was one of the first caves to be opened to the public on a regular basis. It is considered a natural time capsule, being home to fossil remains – some which are believed to be linked to extinct animals. 

There is also a perennial stream that flows through Mammoth Cave during winter and early spring, which has slowly eroded the limestone creating huge caverns and large rock-piles. 

View on Get Your Guide

Lake Cave 

Lake Cave is another beautiful cave which is often described as a stunning pristine chamber deep beneath the earth. 

As you enter into the cave you’ll be blown away by the delicate crystal formations of the limestone, stalactites and stalagmites, which show evidence that they are still growing. 

You’ll also get to witness the unique “Suspended Table” formation, which weighs several tonnes and seems to defy gravity as it hovers above the clear lake water.

Do keep in mind that despite its name, the amount of water inside the cave does depend on the time of year that you go. I also believe that it’s lessening over time.

When we were there, there wasn’t a lot of water inside the cave. But, it was magnificent regardless. 

View on Get Your Guide

Lake Cave - Margaret River

Lake Cave – Margaret River, Western Australia



Day 4: Margaret River – Augusta – Walpole (Overnight Stay)

  • Distance:  288km
  • Drive time:  3.5 hours (without stops)

Today, we start the second leg of our road trip from Perth to Esperance. We’ll be making our way to Warpole which is located on the south coast of Western Australia. 

We’ll start with a short 30-minute drive to Augusta which is a small coastal town that overlooks the tranquil Hardy Inlet.

Between Augusta and Margaret River lies Hamelin Bay which is known for its stingray population that reside in the shallow waters of the nearby beach. 

The best time to see the stingrays is during summer when the water has less seaweed in it and in the morning between 9-10am or in the afternoon (when boats are returning to shore). 

Given we’re all about loving animals here at Adventure Travel Pro, these stingrays are protected and must not be harmed.

Margaret River Wine Region

Drive Stop 5: Augusta

Augusta is a favourite location for family fishing holidays and sightseeing. It is also becoming increasingly popular as a place for adventure activities and sports.

If you need a break from driving, why not test out your skills by going:

  • Windsurfing
  • Kite-surfing
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Snorkelling and 
  • Whale watching 

Make sure to take a dip in the refreshing waters before continuing the 2.45 hour drive to Walpole with an overnight stay before continuing on to Albany. 


Day 5: Walpole – Denmark – Albany

  • Distance:  120km
  • Drive time:  1.5 hours (without stops)

Walpole is a nice nature stop on your way to Albany, with various inlets, beaches, parks and lookouts to explore.  Some of the main sites to see in Walpole include:

There’s also a variety of different hikes and scenic drives in the area that you can enjoy. 

Albany is only a short 1.5 hour drive away from Walpole, so I’d suggest starting your morning with a hike in Walpole-Nornalup National Park, and then aim to stop for lunch in Denmark.


Drive Stop 7: Greens Poole & Elephant Rocks

Before entering Denmark, make sure to take a stop at Greens Poole and Elephant Rocks.

In my opinion, these two sites are a must-see when doing the road trip from Perth to Esperance. The turquoise waters at these locations and the unique natural boulder formations are stunning. 

If you have a vivid imagination, you can have a go at visualising that the rocks are in fact a herd of elephants bathing in the sunlight. 

Hence its name…

To get the best view of the Elephant Rocks, head on down to lookout which is a short walk from the carpark. You should be able to find signs to guide you there.  

Once you have witnessed the wonder of the Elephant Rocks, you can walk around the rocky cape to Greens Poole. Do note that the car park is limited and busy during peak periods (Eg. school holidays). 

Therefore, you may prefer to time your stop at an off-peak time so that you can have a more tranquil experience at the rocks. 

Greens Pool near Denmark, Western Australia


Drive Stop 8: Denmark

Given it is just a short distance from Albany some travellers tend to bypass this coastal town, however, there are many incredible things to see and do in Denmark.

My most recommended things to do in Denmark include:

  • Enjoy lunch at one of the local breweries, wineries or restaurants
  • Stretch your legs on a hike along the various nature walks and trails
  • Explore the beautiful scenery of the nearby National Parks, Islands & Beaches
  • Denmark Dinosaur World
  • Denmark Historical Museum

If you’d prefer to drive straight through Denmark to Albany on your way up, and simply  do a day trip from Albany then that can work also.

‘You can read more about Denmark in the article below. 


Day 6: Albany (Overnight Stay)

Alrighty, you’ve made it to Albany – Yay! You can now take a moment to rejuvenate from the long drive from Perth to Esperance.

Albany is one of the key south-coast midway points for travellers on their way to Esperance. It is known for its tranquil beaches, history and migrating whale pods along the coast of Torndirrup National Park. 

There are many things to do in Albany. For starters, you can:

    • Hop between the may local wineries of the Great Southern Wine Region
    • Enjoy a fresh meal at the nearby restaurants and breweries
    • Go hiking along the Bibbulmun Track, Public Silo Mural trail or the stunning Point Possession heritage trails
    • Admire the scenery of Torndirrup National Park
    • Learn about Albany’s history within the Albany Whale Museum or the ANZAC centre 
    • Dive the the former HMAS Perth II Wreck
    • Step aboard the Big Amity, which is an authentic replica of the vessel that carried settlers and convicts to the west coast of Australia in 1826

As you can see, there are many things to do in Albany. You can easily spend 1-2 days here depending on your interests.

Next up, Bremer Bay! Our final stop before arriving into Esperance. 

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Perth to Esperance Road Trip Itinerary | Arriving to Albany

Day 7: Albany – Bremer Bay (Optional Overnight Stay)

  • Distance:  180km
  • Drive time:  2 hours (without stops)

Bremer Bay is another small coastal town that is often bypassed by travellers on their way to Esperance.

Some popular things to do in Bremer Bay include:

  • Head to the Point Ann whale watching platform and take in the views of Mount Maxwell and West Mount Barren
  • Go scuba diving or snorkelling around Bremer bay. 

Around Bremer Bay, there’s a diverse range of coral and sponge life to see – of various colours, formations and sizes. You can also see other marine life including tube worms, basket stars, orange Gorgonian fans and leafy sea dragons. 

Bremer Bay also offers one of the most incredible bucket list experiences along the south coast – Killer Whale Tours!

Drive Stop 9: Bremer Bay Killer Whale Tours

Just 50km off the coast of Bremer Bay lies a deep canyon within the ocean. What many don’t realise is that this canyon is actually home to the largest pod of Killer Whales in the southern hemisphere.

Around 100 killer whales to be exact!

During, Jan – April you will have a good chance to witness these magnificent creatures, as they swim and prowl throughout the bay. This is the best time of the year to see Killer Whales. 

You’re also likely to see Sperm Whales, Pilot Whales and Sunfish (the weirdest fish I’ve ever seen!!) who gather to feed on squid and other fish species in the bay. 

Between July – November, Bremer Bay is blessed with the presence of Southern Right Whales. These whales frolic around the bay during their calving season, with some even being seen as close as 6 meters from the shore!

The best place to see resorting mothers and their calves is within the sheltered bays around the Bremer area. You may also have the chance to see the occasional Humpback Whale on route during its northern or southern migration. 

If you’re interested in doing a Killer Whale tour, it’s important to consider that tours can go for around 7-8 hours!

This means that you’d probably want to depart from Albany very early in the morning, and possibly stay overnight in Bremer Bay.  Esperance is a 4-4.5 hour drive from Bremer Bay, which I imagine would be the last thing you’d want to do after a 7-8 hour tour.

In my opinion, this is one of the COOLEST things to do on your road trip from Perth to Esperance. Where else in the world can you see a pod of 100 killer whales – apart from Antarctica possibly?

If you’d like to read more about these tours, you can click here to view on Get your Guide. 


Day 8: Bremer Bay – Esperance

  • Distance398.5km
  • Drive time:  4.2 hours (without stops)

We’re now on to the final leg of our road trip from Perth to Esperance. 

The next portion of your drive is going to be pretty low key given there’s not an incredible amount to do between destinations. 

The one main stop you don’t want to miss is the Fitzgerald River National Park. Around a 45-minute to 1-hour drive, this national park is definitely worth a pit stop.

Drive Stop 10: Fitzgerald River National Park

Fitzgerald River National Park is one of the largest and most botanically significant national parks in Australia, containing almost 20% of Western Australia’s flora species. Some which are only found within its borders.

Within the park you can enjoy a variety of different landscapes including rolling plains, rugged peaks, rock capes, turquoise bays and breathtaking inlets. 

During Winter, you may even be lucky to see pods of southern right whales sheltering nearby with their newborn calves.  

If you’d like to do a scenic drive through the park, opt to take the sealed road at the southern portion of Hamersley Drive.  This drive will wind you through a beautiful part of the coast along the park’s eastern boundary and Hamersley Inlet

On this route, you’ll get to see all the main recreation sites including:

Alternatively, you can take Pabelup Drive which takes you through sweeping coastal scenery on the west side of the park.

If you didn’t make it to Point Ann during your stay in Bremer Bay, then this route will give you the opportunity to do so. The prime time for whale watching at this lookout is between July and October.

Fitzgerald River National Park

Day 9 – 11: Esperance (2 Night Stay)

Yay! We’ve finally reached the pinnacle destination on Western Australia’s south coast; Esperance. The final destination on our Perth to Esperance road trip itinerary, before making our way back.

This insanely photogenic location is renowned for its:

  • Dreamy landscapes and beaches with soft white sand and turquoise waters
  • Numerous national parks with lush hiking trails
  • Kangaroo residents on Lucky Bay

The Esperance Great Ocean Road Drive is something that you simply cannot miss if making the BIG drive out to Esperance. 

Although there’s no shortage of stunning drives across Australia, the 38km Esperance Great Ocean Road Loop is often listed as one of the most scenic drives in the world. 

There’s also many other things to see, do and enjoy in Esperance including:

  • The Esperance Stonehenge 
  • Walk along Esperance Esplanade
  • Visit the Cindy Poole Glass Gallery
  • Swim at Twilight Beach
  • Cape Le Grand National Park
  • Ride along the Esperance Mountain Bike track

You can read more about these activities, and many more in our articles below:



There is also a range of adventure sports and activities that you can try in Esperance including:

    • Four Wheel Driving 
    • Mountain Biking & cycling
    • Hiking
    • Surfing, swimming, snorkelling and scuba Diving 
    • Scenic flights
  • And more!

From here, your next decision is going to be how you get back to Perth, particularly if that is where you need to fly out from.

Visit the local kangaroos at Lucky Bay, Esperance

Visit the local kangaroos at Lucky Bay, Esperance

Heading Back to Perth from Esperance

If you’re not planning to continue driving around Australia from Esperance, then you’re going to need to consider how you get back to Perth.

Yep, that’s right! 

You’ve just spent numerous days getting from Perth to Esperance, so now the question remains: “how do you get back?”

Based on the research I’ve done, there seems to be 3 different ways back to Perth from Esperance. You can either:

  1. Go back the same way you came (the coastal route between Esperance and Perth) – 7.4 hour drive
  2. Drive to Perth via the regional overland tour through Hyden – 7.4 hour drive, or
  3. Go north to visit Kalgoorlie, and then head west back to Perth.

The choice is yours.

One thing to keep in mind is that each route varies a lot in terms of time.

Route 1: Direct Route – Esperance to Perth 

  • Distance: 715km
  • Time:  7.4 hours without stops
  • Allow 1-2 Days

If you take the direct north-west route from Esperance to Perth, it will be a 7-8 hour drive (without stops).Therefore, you’ll probably want to find somewhere to stay overnight in between. 

There’s not that much to see midway along this route – well not that stands out anyway. You’d probably be better to do a small detour and stay overnight in either Kulin or Hyden


Route 2: Esperance to Perth Including Hyden & York (Overnight Stay)

  • Distance: 697km
  • Time:  7.46 hours without stops
  • Allow 2-3 Days

If you’d like to witness the impressive Wave Rock formation at Hyden on your way back to Perth, then this option would be best suited to you. 

Personally, I was surprised to find that this route doesn’t take much longer than the direct north-west route (as above). Therefore, I’d probably opt for this route over the latter.

Hyden is a great mid-way point to stay overnight, as there are a few natural attractions to explore in the area.


Drive Stop 11: Wave Rock 

Wave Rock is a 110 meter-long red and grey granite cliff face in Hyden. It is famous for being shaped like a big 15m high crashing wave and is believed to be 27 million years old!

Despite appearances, Wave Rock is not man-made or carved. It is actually a unique natural phenomenon and special to Western Australia. 

You can also witness some local aboriginal rock paintings at the nearby Bates Cave.

Drive to Wave rock from Albany, Western Australia

Drive Stop 12: Hippo’s Yawn

Hippo’s Yawn is located about a 5-minute drive from Hyden and a 10-minute walk from Wave Rock. This rock is famous for its resemblance to, well you probably guess it… a yawning hippo.

It takes about 20-minutes to walk to Hippo’s Yawn. Once there you can enjoy taking some cool photos with the rock, where you look inside the “hippos” mouth. 

Some other things you can do while visiting hippo’s yawn include:

  • Enjoy a coffee from the local coffee shop
  • Visit and explore the wildlife park
  • Pick up a souvenir from the Wildflower Shop

Hippos Yawn | Hyden, Western Australia

Drive Stop 13: Mulka’s Cave

Mulkas’s cave is about a 15-20 minute drive from Wave Rock and Hippo’s Yawn. The name of the cave originates from an Aboriginal legend which is really interesting, and quite sinister actually. 

Inside the cave, you can also see imprints of Mulka’s hands which are said to be  much larger and higher than that of an ordinary man.

Mulkas Cave | Hyden, Western Australia

Hyden to York

Your final stop before returning back to Perth is the small inland town of York. This town is believed to be the oldest inland town in Western Australia.

In York you can explore the historic buildings along Avon Terrace and stock up on lollies for the road trip ahead at Penny Farthing Sweets.

There are many other things you can enjoy here including:

  • Stop off for a food break at one of the local alfresco cafes or pubs
  • Visit York Town hall which was constructed in 1911
  • Enjoy the Avon river walking trail
  • Go hot air ballooning or cycling


Route 3: Kalgoorlie Loop including Hyden & York, (2 Night Stay)

  • Distance: 12.4 hours 
  • Time: 1114km 
  • Allow 2-4 days

This route is a little more outside of the box, and could add an extra day or so onto your trip, however it could be well worth your while depending on your interests.

Esperance to Norseman 

Norseman is the southern gateway to Western Australia, marking the end of the Eyre Highway which spans 1,675 kilometres across the Nullarbor Plain.

Norseman has showers, toilets, accommodation, barbecue facilities and an Olympic-sized swimming pool making it a well-welcomed rest stop for travellers making the journey across the Nullarbor.

Before you arrive into Norseman, ensure to take in breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes at Beacon Hill. Sit and take in the scenery, follow the bushland walk trail or read about the region’s rich mining history.

Also feast your eyes upon Dundas Rocks on your way into Norseman from Esperance. These rocks aere believed to be over 550 million years old! They’re located about 20-minutes from Norseman town.

The tale of how Norseman got its name is actually really interesting. Supposedly, this town is named after a horse.

Legend has it that in 1984, the horse of Laurie Sinclair, ‘Norseman’, scraped the ground with his hoof revealing the first gold nugget of the region. This finding also led to the discovery of one of the richest quartz reefs ever mined in Australia.

So that’s pretty cool!

If you’re interested in learning more about Norseman’s history, take a wander through Phoenix Park where you can enjoy winding pathways led by relics and educational signs explaining Norseman’s past.

Norseman to Kalgoorlie (Overnight Stay)

Kalgoorlie Boulder is located in the Eastern Goldfields region of Western Australia. It is situated 590kms inland of Perth and is Australia’s largest Outback City with a population of more than 30,000 people.

This route will give you the chance to explore more of Western Australia’s outback region as well as Kalgoorlie’s HUGE open pit gold mine.

There are some Kalgoorlie mine tours that operate during the week that you can do if that is something you’re interested in checking out. 

Here are some other activities you can do in Kalgoorlie including:

  • Visit Hannan Street to witness the riches in Kalgoorlie’s centre as well as vibrant bars, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants 
  • To get a glimpse into the history of the Goldfields culture, head over to the Kalgoorlie-Boulder WA Museum
  • Explore the Royal Flying Doctors’ Visitor Centre
  • Browse through the local art galleries featuring the works of Aboriginal and Goldfields artists.
  • Visit the largest outdoor gallery on Earth – Inside Australia by Antony Gormley
  • See the home of America’s 31st President, Herbert Hoover.

For those interested in the outback, Kalgoorlie is definitely a cool place to stay overnight, if you can extend your trip by a couple of extra days. 

Esperance to Perth Road Trip | Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie to Hyden (Overnight Stay)

On your way back to Perth from Kalgoorlie, you will have the chance to stop off at Hyden to see the unique Wave Rock, Hippo’s Yawn and Mulka’s Cave. A more detailed explanation is provided above under Route 2.

Hyden to York

Similar to Route 2, you can also enjoy a driving break at York, which is the oldest inland town in Western Australia.


Final Day – Perth 

Now that you’ve made it back to Perth, you can choose to enjoy a full day chilling out in the city at your leisure, or simply drop your car off and head back home. 

Top things to do in Perth include: 

  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden
  • Cottesloe Beach
  • Scarborough Beach
  • Elizabeth Quay
  • AGWA – Art Gallery of WA
  • Fremantle Markets
  • Little Creatures Brewery, Fremantle
  • WA Maritime Museum
  • Saint Mary’s Cathedral


In Summary:

An Overview of the Road Trip from Perth to Esperance Itinerary

I hope that this detailed road trip itinerary from Perth to Esperance has given you all you need to start planning your drive. 

Here’s a summary of the top places to see throughout the journey for easy reference:

  1. Perth
  2. Lake Clifton Thrombolites
  3. Bunbury
  4. Busselton
  5. Tuart Forest National Park
  6. Humpback Whale Watching Tours
  7.  Eagle Bay & Dunsborough
  8. Margaret River
  9. Mammoth Cave or Lake Cave
  10. Augusta
  11. Warpole
  12. Greens Poole & Elephant Rocks
  13. Denmark
  14. Albany
  15. Bremer Bay Killer Whales
  16. Fitzgerald River National Park
  17. Esperance
  18. Cape Le Grand National Park

Optional on return home:

  1. Kalgoorlie
  2. Hyden – Wave Rock, Hippo’s Yawn & Mulka’s Cave
  3. York

If you’d like to learn more about things to do along the south coast of Western Australia, you check out some of our other articles below:

I wish you the most incredible trip!

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