Road Trip Perth To Broome Itinerary | How Many Days Does It Really Take?

Considering a Perth to Broome road trip? Get ready for an epic adventure!

The road between Perth to Broome is by far one of Australia’s most outstanding road trip routes, thanks to its vast number of sites to see and incredible terrain.

You can spend countless days exploring the beautiful towns dotted along the coast of the Indian Ocean, or even enjoying the diverse range of adventurous activities along the way.

But! The drive from Perth to Broome is definitely no easy one, given the state of Western Australia is HUGE!

So, how long does it take to drive from Perth to Broome? 

Well, I’ll answer this question as well as many others in the article below.

I have also provided a summary of the perfect road trip Perth to Broome itinerary, giving you a little taste of everything WA has to offer.


Day 1-2: Exploring Perth

The first two days of your Perth to Broome itinerary are spent exploring Western Australia’s capital city, Perth.

Here you will have the chance to relax on sandy beaches or simply take your time exploring the various suburbs surrounding the city.

Given you’ll be driving a lot over the coming days, you’ll definitely want to use this time to move your legs or chill the “F” out.

If you haven’t started looking for accommodation yet, I have listed some great options to check out below – to suit a variety of budgets.


Top Accommodation in Perth 


Top Things to See and Do in Perth:

As part of your roadtrip Perth to Broome itinerary, you will have great opportunity to explore some of the city’s best sites.

Below I have listed some tours which you can check out during your stay.

Day tours can be brilliant because they allow you to take time off organising your trip by enabling someone else to do all the dirty work / tedious stuff on your behalf.

Best things to do in Perth - Kings Park

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1. Full-Day Perth Discovery Tour 

This guided tour is the perfect way to explore many of the city’s unique sites in a single day.

It will take you to some of Perth’s most renowned sites, including the:

  • Kings Park suspension bridge
  • Whispering Wall and
  • Elizabeth Quay Bell Tower

You will also visit other attractions such as the Australia South Sea Cultured Pearls Centre, historic town of Guildford and feed kangaroos at Caversham Wildlife Park.

One of the highlights of this full-day tour is indulging your taste buds with delicious local wines in Swan Valley and Australia’s finest chocolates and liqueurs at Margaret River Chocolate Factory.

Time: 7 hours

Price: $145 AUD p/p

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2. Perth Swan River Evening Dinner Cruise 

If you’re after something ultra-chill, this dinner cruise along the Swan River is the way to go.

This cruise allows you to admire Perth’s skyline as the sun goes down while enjoying a delicious buffet-style meal.

During this experience, you’ll get to savour delicious local beers and wines, enjoy fantastic live entertainment, and admire impressive views from Perth’s heart, the Swan River.

Time: 2.5 hours


  • Swan River dinner cruise from Perth
  • Buffet dinner of hot and cold foods and dessert
  • Wine, beer, and soft drinks
  • Tea and coffee
  • Live entertainment

Price: $139 AUD p/p

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3. Rottnest Island Day Trip 

Located just offshore from Perth CBD, Rottnest Island is a very popular destination for travellers and locals alike.

It is a protected nature reserve and known for its stunning beach coves and unique animal life, including the world-famous Quokka.

This package includes a return ticket for the Rottnest ferry, Rottnest Island admission as well as all-day bike rental. This gives you the flexibility to explore dozens of sites on the island at your leisure.

For example, you can:

  • Ride up to the impressive Wadjemup Lighthouse
  • Admire the island’s unique marsupial, the smiling quokka and
  • Go for a snorkel along the islands stunning coral reefs

NOTE: This tour does not include food or drinks.

Time: One full day

Price: $107 AUD p/p

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Quokkas on Rottnest Island, Western Australia


Day 3: Perth To Kalbarri

(6 to 8 hours with stops) 

The third day of your Perth to Broome roadtrip itinerary is going to be a big day of driving. But I promise you, there will be a lot of incredible things to see along the way.

You’ll start your journey with a 6.5-hour drive to the town of Kalbarri.

The Perth to Kalbarri route takes you along Western Australia’s stunning coastal road and winds its way through impressive natural landscapes, such as the Nambung National Park.

If you’re craving a break, you can take a stop for lunch at the coastal town of Geraldton.

Geraldton is famed for its delicious lobsters and beautiful promenade walk which provides nice views of the nearby port.

Once you arrive to the town of Kalbarri, I’m sure you’ll be in dire need for a big nap and time to spread out your legs.

Below, I have listed some great accommodation available in the town of Kalbarri. All these places can be booked online at


Accommodation in Kalbarri 


Drive to Kalbarri National Park - Western Australia


Day 4: Exploring Kalbarri

Kalbarri is small town, but nonetheless has a LOT to offer adventurous travellers – especially when it comes to natural formations, striking landscapes, stunning coastal scenery and world-class surfing opportunities.

With enough to do to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, Kalbarri is a convenient place to stay overnight as part of your Perth to Broome self-drive itinerary. 

To help you discover the best sites and experiences in and near Kalbarri, we have listed some of the top tours and activities below.

If interested in doing either one of these activities, you may want to allow some extra time, maybe even an extra day in Kalbarri, so you don’t feel rushed for time.


1.  Abrolhos Islands Discovery Tour

This tour allows you to witness the impressive scenery of the Abrolhos Island – a chain of 122 islands and coral reefs located off the coast from Kalbarri.

Start by boarding a flight at Kalbarri airport. You’ll then head along the coast taking in the impressive scenery of Gantheume Bay and the stunning red rock cliff towers.

You’ll then land at East Wallabi Island, where you can admire beautiful coral reefs and hidden bays.

You’ll be given several hours to enjoy:

  • A guided nature walk
  • Snorkelling in Turtle Bay and
  • Admiring the fantastic views

The tour also includes tea and coffee – always a nice little perk.

NOTE: This tour does not include hotel pick up.

Time: 5 hours

Price: $299 AUD p/p

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2. Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake Flight

The Pink Lake at Hutt Lagoon is famous for its distinctive pink hue and is a must-see sight for anyone on a roadtrip between Perth to Broome.

This Kalbarri flight tour will take you out over the town and along the beachfront to view the spectacular coastal cliffs.

Admire Kalbarri’s famous surfing beach, Jacques Point, and the beautiful Rainbow Valley, where stunning rainbows can often be seen in the sea mist.

Your flight will take you over a series of connecting gorges (including a natural stone bridge) before flying past the white sandy beaches of Lucky Bay and over the distinctive Pink Lake.

NOTE: This tour does not include hotel pick up and drop off.

Time: 45 minutes

Price: $199 AUD p/p

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Road trip Perth to Broome Itinerary - Pink Lake


Day 5: Kalbarri to Denham (Shark Bay)

(4 hours journey) 

Today will be another solid half day of driving.

The trip to Denham will take you into the stunning shire of Shark Bay which is famed for its unique and beautiful marine life.

This is one of the most popular destinations for travellers doing the big road trip from Perth to Broome. You will want to allow at least 1-2 days to relax and explore this stunning region of Western Australia.

If you’re in need of overnight accommodation, here are a variety of great accommodation options to check out:

Accommodation in Denham 


Western Australia Road trip - Perth to Broome Itinerary


Day 6: Exploring Sharks Bay 

The Sharks Bay region is a World Heritage Site and is renowned for its stunning marine landscapes and sea life.

Here you must take the time to admire beautiful coastal locations, as well as try a once in a lifetime activity.

Depending on when you go, Sharks Bay can get very busy, given its popularity as a tourist destination.

If you’re an adventuress soul as I am, it may be worth pre-booking some of these activities to ensure you don’t miss out.


Top Things to See and Do in Sharks Bay:

1. Interact with the Resident Dolphins 

Head over to Monkey Mia and engage with the wild dolphins who come to shore several times a day to interact with visitors.

You will need to pay an entry fee to enter the reserve, however interacting with the dolphins is totally free. How cool is that!

Take your time watching these stunning creatures leap up from the water and provide visitors with a spectacular show unlike any other in the world.

Now obviously, dolphins are wild animals. Therefore, you can never predict how many will be there when you go, as well as how active they will be.

However, Monkey Mia is the only place in Australia where dolphins visit daily, not just seasonally, so you have a good chance of seeing them in their natural environment.

Perth to Broome Road trip Itinerary: See the dolphins at Monkey Mia

Perth to Broome Road Trip Itinerary: See the dolphins at Monkey Mia

2. Watch Sunsets at Monkey Mia Beach 

After witnessing the friendly pods of dolphins nearby, why not finish your day by relaxing on the Monkey Mia beach.

Here you will also have the chance to savour a delicious cocktail as you watch the sun set over the horizon.


3. Take a Boat Out to the Shark Bay Marine Park

Known for its extensive marine life, the Shark Bay Marine Park is a fantastic outdoor activity to enjoy as part of your road trip Perth to Broome itinerary.

You will have a good opportunity to spot dolphins, turtles, dugongs and even sharks.

You can also snorkel amongst the coral reefs or kayak with dolphins in an experience unlike any other.


4. Visit the Ancient Hamelin Pool Stromatolites 

Witness some of the oldest living fossils in the world, the Hamelin Pool boasts the most diverse and abundant examples of living marine stromatolites.

Stromatolites are rock-like microorganisms that provide a glimpse into Earth’s ancient past, with some at the pool being more than 3500 million years old.

Wowza! That’s something you’re unlikely to experience in many other places world-wide.

Ancient Hamelin Pool Stromatolites 

Ancient Hamelin Pool Stromatolites at Sharks Bay


Day 7: Denham to Carnarvon to Coral Bay

(6 to 8 hours with stops) 

Today, we will need to cover some BIG ground. So yep, another big day of driving is ahead for us.

Continue your way along Australia’s Northwest Coastal Highway towards Coral Bay, striving for a lunch stop at the charming town of Carnarvon.

Carnarvon is the perfect place to stop for food given it is often termed Western Australia’s food bowl, providing access to a wide range of fresh ingredients and tasty local meals.

Here you can sample a considerable array of delicious exotic fruits including papayas and mangoes, or even some of the best seafood in the world (e.g. crabs, scallops and fish). With such an array of culinary delights available, any lunch in Carnarvon is sure to impress.

On your way out of Carnarvon, make sure to stop by the remarkable Space Tracking Station, which played a vital role in the Moon landings.

It costs $15 AUD entry for adults and $6-8 for kids and students. You can read more here.

As you continue your drive to Coral Bay, ensure to stop by the extraordinary Blowholes.

Here you can watch ocean spray being shot through holes in the coastal rocks to form impressive fountains that can reach up to 20 metres high! An awesome thing to see with your own eyes!

Once you have arrived in Coral Bay, I imagine that you’ll again want to spend the rest of the evening resting.

If you haven’t started you search on accommodation, you can check out these fine options:


Accommodations in Coral Bay 


Perth to Broome Self-drive Itinerary - Coral Bay


Day 8: Exploring Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a picturesque coastal town that acts as one of the gateways to the World Heritage Site, the Ningaloo Reef.

Given the array of things to do here, I would suggest spending anywhere between 1-3 or more days here.

This does of course depend on what activities you like to do, however you may also find yourself craving some non-driving time – as there have been some big driving days up to this point.

Coral Bay is a popular tourist town, with a variety of shops and restaurants to enjoy. It is also a fantastic starting point for some of the best ocean and coral reef tours in Western Australia.

Coral Bay is also considered one of the best places IN THE WORLD to swim with whale sharks. If you’re wanting to do the ultimate bucket list activity, then this is it.

To help you enjoy all that Coral Bay has to offer, including the world-renowned Ningaloo Reef, we have listed some of the area’s top excursions and day tours below.


Things To Do and See in Coral Bay


1. Swim With Whale Sharks 

Ningaloo Reef is famous for its whale shark populations and swimming with these impressive gentle giants is a must-do experience for many visitors to Coral Bay.

This full-day tour allows you to snorkel at two unique locations on Ningaloo Reef while a spotter plane searches for groups of whale sharks.

Once a group are spotted, your boat will take you out to these impressively graceful creatures, where you will get a 1 hour of swimming time in their presence.

You will also receive complimentary tea, a buffet lunch, and some champagne as a part of your trip.

Can I get a hell yeah!!?

Time: 9 hours


  • Snorkelling equipment and wetsuit
  • Morning tea, afternoon tea, and buffet lunch
  • Champagne and fruit platter

Price: $515 AUD p/p

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Swim with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef


2. Ningaloo Reef Turtle Tour 

Head out to the famous Ningaloo Reef and learn about the cute turtle species that inhabit the region.

Admire these majestic creatures from your boat while the experienced crew share in-depth knowledge about the turtles and their life in the Ningaloo Reef.

Your tour will also give you the chance to:

  • View the fantastic coral reefs
  • Feed its many fish, and
  • Snorkel at two specially selected sites which are renowned for sea turtle populations.

Time: 3 hours


  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Hot drinks and biscuits
  • NOTE: This tour does not provide wetsuits

Price: $110 AUD p/p

View on Get Your Guide


3. Glass Bottomed Boat Reef Tour

If you don’t like swimming or getting wet, then this tour may be more suited to you.

The 1-hour glass bottomed boat tour will allow you to witness the captivating fish and different coral formations of the Ningaloo Reef, without having to get in the water.

You will get to admire parts of the 300km reef whilst listening to the knowledgeable boat crew as they share enlightening talks about the reef’s ecosystem.

Time: 1 hour

Price: $60 AUD p/p

View on Get Your Guide

Ningaloo reef, Western Australia

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Day 9: Coral Bay to Karijini National Park

(8 to 9 hours with stops)

This section of your self-drive Perth to Broome itinerary will take you away from the coast and further inland into Western Australia’s vast landscape.

This day is a long day of driving, taking you through the Australian wilderness into the Pilbara region.

Given the long drive, you will want to ensure that you’re adequately stocked with food, snacks and water to last the journey.

On your way into Karijini National Park you can make a stop at the highest town in Western Australia, Tom Price.  This town sits at 747 metres above sea level and provides amazing panoramic views of the region.

After you’re done stretching your legs, make your way to your accommodation for another night of chilling and relaxation.

Here are some of our top recommended accommodation to check out near Karijini National Park.


Accommodation around Karijini National Park


Driving from Perth to Broome: Karijini National Park

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Day 10: Exploring Karijini National Park

On the tenth day of your Perth to Broome road trip itinerary, you’ll get time to relax in and explore the unbelievable Karijini National Park (Western Australia’s second-largest national park).

The area encompasses more than 6000 kilometres and is well known for its fantastic landscapes and stunning natural scenery.

Further information about the park’s gorges and hiking trails are available at the Karijini Visitor Centre.


Things to See and Do in Karijini National Park

1. Explore Countless Gorges 

This park is well known for its beautiful gorges and striking natural landscapes.

If you enjoy hiking or going on nature walks, make sure to visit the Hamersley Gorge.

If you’re a more experienced hiker or adventure seeker, head on over to the pools of the Joffre and Knox Gorges. These walks are around 1.2 hours and depending on the weather, you can enjoy a dip in their blue waters.


2. Admire the views of Oxer Lookout

A trip to Oxer Lookout is well worth the effort as you can take in some of the best views of Karijini National Park.

There is also another impressive lookout near the cascading Fortescue Falls. Some even say that it provides a view that is unmatched anywhere else in the park.


3. Take a dip in the Handrail Pool

Located in Weano Gorge, the hike to Handrail Pool can be difficult for the average hiker but the views are sure to impress.

The crystal-clear pool of water provides a welcome escape from the Australian heat and is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Karijini National Park.

Other places worth seeing within the park include Fern Pool, Circular Pool and the Joffre Falls.


Perth to Broome Itinerary: Karijini National Park


Day 11: Karijini National Park to Port Hedland 

(4 to 5 hours) 

Day eleven of your road trip will see you leaving the wonders of the Karijini National Park and heading north back towards the coast.

Enjoy fantastic views all the way and arrive in time for a meal at one of Port Hedland’s many exceptional seafront restaurants.

While you are in Port Hedland, make sure to relax at the accurately named Pretty Pool before continuing your drive to Broome.

This beach is a great location to relax and unwind after your journey, with plenty of swimming locations and beach amenities like BBQ spaces.

If you’re after ideas on where to stay, you can check out some of our top recommendations below:


Accommodation in Port Hedland


Port Hedland, Western Australia


Day 12: Port Hedland to Broome

(7 to 8 hours with stops) 

Your final day of travel will see you take on the last leg of your roadtrip Perth to Broome itinerary down the Great Northern Highway, past some of Australia’s most unique sites.

As you drive the 600-kilometre journey, you will go through the aptly named Eighty Mile Beach, where the Great Sandy Desert approaches the Indian Ocean.

Whilst making your way to your accommodation, marvel at the desert’s towering dunes on one side while the ocean waves crash against the coastline.

After your last leg, you will have time to enjoy a meal at one of Broome’s many fantastic restaurants and rest up before a fun day of exploring the town.

If you’d like some tips on accommodation, here are our top picks below:


Accommodation in Broome


Day 13-14: Exploring Broome

Broome is a well-known tourism town in the North of Western Australia and provides a fantastic range of activities and sites to explore at the end of your road trip.

And did you know?? Broome is even home to camels!

Despite being Australian, I only recently learned this fact. Insane I know!

From the spectacular Cable Beach to the fascinating history of its pearl industry, there are various things to see and do in Broome.

To help you discover Broome’s best activities and sites, we have listed some of the best tours below.


Roadtrip Perth to Broome Itinerary: Enjoy a sunset camel ride on the beach

Roadtrip Perth to Broome Itinerary: Enjoy a sunset camel ride on the beach


1. Cable Beach Sunset Camel Ride

This unique experience lets you enjoy fantastic sunset views of the gorgeous Cable Beach whilst part of a 1-hour camel ride.

Jump on a camel and train along the water’s edge whilst marvelling at the sunset as it sinks into the Indian Ocean. You can even reward your trusty friend with a carrot to say thank you.

What better way to celebrate the end of your monumental road trip Perth to Broome itinerary?

I’d definitely classify this as another super cool experience to tick off the bucket list.

NOTE: This tour does not include hotel pick up.

Time: 1 hour

Price: $100 AUD p/p

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2. Pearling History Tour

This tour offers a guided commentary on the 150 years of Broome’s pearling industry.

Your tour guides will share their knowledge of the industry as well as some of the dangers that pearl divers have experienced over the course of time.

They will also give you the chance to explore a fully rigged and restored pearl lugger which is surrounded by a replica inter-tidal jetty and tenders store.

This tour gives you a fascinating look into an industry which is so closely linked with Broome’s culture and identity.

Whether you’re into diving or just love history, this could be a great tour to add to your itinerary.

Time: 1.5 hours


  • Watch rare archival footage
  • See, touch and hold valuable pearls and diving relics and enjoy an exclusive pearl meat tasting experience
  • View some of the last remaining pearling luggers in Broome

Price: $30 AUD p/p

View on Get Your Guide 


3. Kimberley Region Tour 

This full-day tour provides you with access to some of Western Australia’s most impressive sites and will take you through a variety of striking landscapes.

Visit the massive 1500-year-old Boab Prison Tree, once used to house convicts before heading further inland along the famous Gibb River Road.

Head to the 100-meter-high limestone Windjana Gorge and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch. BUT! Keep an eye out for freshwater crocodiles swimming in the waters of the gorge.

After lunch, you will head on to Tunnel Creek, a 750-meter-long flooded cavern. Here your guide will share stories about the local region and its legends.

It is a BIG day, but it will allow you to see some of the many of the unique natural features in and around Broome.

Time:15 hours


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Transport by air-conditioned coach
  • Local guide
  • Morning, afternoon tea and lunch
  • Entrance fees
  • Use of a headlamp

Price: $274 AUD p/p

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Broome, Western Australia



In Summary:

The road trip from Perth to Broome is definitely NOT for the faint hearted. It is a BIG trip with lots and lots of driving!

However, for many, the drive is well worth the natural wonders and activities you get to experience along the way.

To answer the question of how long does it take to drive from Perth to Broome? 

I’d have to say that it depends.

It depends on:

  • How well you handle long drives
  • Whether you’re travelling on your own or in a group (i.e.. Can swap drivers)
  • Whether you’re planning to drive one-way or drive up to Broome and back again
  • The types of activities you enjoy
  • Where you want to stay

In general, I would recommend allowing a MINIMUM of 2 weeks to self-drive from Perth to Broome, for a one-way trip.

Therefore, I’d say that it’s common for road-trippers to allow a month or so to drive up and back.

Doing so will allow you enough time to complete the journey, whilst also having some time for relaxation and stopovers. After all, why would you want to rush…

Honestly, the more time you can allow yourself, the better.

Although some may say that you can do the trip in less than this, there is truly A LOT of ground to cover, and safety should be your #1 priority when self-driving.

In my opinion, there’s no point rushing the journey.

It can be nice to allow some extra time so you can add a couple of days on in a place as you please.

If you would like to read more about some of our top recommendations when exploring Western Australia, you can check out some of our other articles below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many days is enough in Broome?

A stay of three to four days in Broome is sufficient. If you intend to explore more of the North West from there, consider extending your stay to a week or more.

What is the best month for a Perth to Broome Road trip?

The ideal time for a Perth to Broome Road trip is between May to October. This period of the year is their Winter, and also known as their dry season.

During this time you can expect sunny days, clear skies, less rain and pleasant temperatures ranging from 16°C to 31°C.

Is the Road from Perth to Broome Sealed?

If you’d like to access the Pilbara region from Perth there are two well-maintained sealed roads that you can use: the North West Coastal Highway and the inland Great Northern Highway.

Simply continue north on the Great Northern Highway to reach Broome, which serves as the southern gateway to the Kimberley region.

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