Western Australia is the largest and most rural state in the entirety of Australia.

The state is a perfect travel destination for enthusiastic campers and outdoor explorers, comprising a vast landscape of sweeping mountain ranges, forested plateaus, and endless deserts.

With such infinite natural bounty, it is clear why Western Australia is such a popular camping destination amongst Australians. 

To help you make the most out of your next camping adventure, we have put together a list of the top tips for camping in Western Australia. 


5 Tips for Camping in Western Australia (WA) 

1) Ensure that your 4WD vehicle is properly stocked

The outback roads of Western Australia can be rough, so you should ensure you have extra water, fuel, a tyre pump and some emergency supplies on hand.

This will ensure that you’re not left in a sticky spot if your vehicle breaks down while exploring and camping in Western Australia.

2) Be prepared to dig out your vehicle

The roads in the state’s many remote regions can change from compacted dirt to soft sand in a matter of moments. Therefore, it’s wise to pack shovels and have wood planks on hand when planning to camp remotely.

This will help you to free you vehicle if it happens to get bogged down when camping in Western Australia.

3) Always perform a risk assessment of your campground

When camping in Western Australia, or anywhere in fact, it is important to do a risk assessment of the campsite.

It is particularly important to avoid camping under trees that could drop damaging debris on your tent and to camp away from dry riverbeds that can flash flood.

Another thing that campers often overlook is that you are in the wild.

This means that there is a chance that there could be some predators around. So watch for tracks and be aware of possible predator habitats around your space.

4) Research the weather of your chosen location 

Western Australia’s weather is immensely varied in its remote regions, with high daytime temperatures and sudden cold waves at night.

Making time to research the expected temperatures and weather at your campsite can help you pack appropriately. This will prevent you from getting too cold overnight, or getting to hot when camping in Western Australia.

5) Always have your first aid prepared

Given the size of Western Australia, there can be a lot of driving to get between destinations.

If you’re planning to camp remotely, it’s important to remind yourself that the more remote your campsite is, the further you will be from medical assistance. This means that it is critical to pack some form of first aid kit.

It can also be helpful to be trained in basic first-aid, so you know what to in the event of an emergency arise.

Best Camping Western Australia - Top Tips for Campers


Best Camping Locations, Western Australia (WA)

The North and South Coasts of Western Australia have some of the best campsites in the world. With such a plethora of unique and exciting choices available to Aussie outdoor enthusiasts, it is easy to feel a little bewildered.

If planning to go road tripping around this vast state, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to great camping spots.

To help you find the ideal destination for your camping escapade, we have listed some of the best sites for camping in Western Australia.


Campsites in and around Perth CBD

The state capital of Western Australia, Perth, is a famous coastal city with a host of attractions for visitors to explore.

Surrounded by natural parks, surf beaches and much more, it is a great starting location for those hoping to enjoy the best camping Western Australia has to offer!

You can start in Perth, using it as your base to either travel north up to Broome, or south along the coast to Esperance. Either trip is a stunning adventure and one I am sure you’ll enjoy.

If you’re looking for the best camping spots in Perth, here are some great options to check out:

Perth Hills Discovery Centre – Only 40 minutes from the centre, this campsite has a great range of amenities. Campers can enjoy the use of fire rings, pre-set pitch spots, and toilet and shower blocks.

Dwellingup Caravan Park – Located in the Dwellingup state forest, this campsite is private and secluded yet only minutes from the town centre. Providing you with excellent access to hike and bike trails, visitors can also easily enjoy the comforts of Dwellingup.

Lake Leschenaultia Camping – Perfect for water-lovers, the campsites at Lake Leschenaultia provide campers with access to a lakeside beach, kayak rental and a cache of BBQ spots.

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Camping in Western Australia - The South Coast

Campsites Along the South Coast of Western Australia

The South Coast of Australia is an unspoiled region dotted with stunning vineyards, breath-taking rock formations and some of the best beaches in all of Australia.

Camping in Margaret River

Margaret River is a very popular destination for travellers planning a camping trip in Western Australia. Containing vineyards, breweries, restaurants, caves, beaches and lush national parks to explore, Margaret is a place you won’t want to miss.

If you’re looking for the best camping spots in Margaret River, here are some great options to check out:

Margaret River Nature Park Set amongst the tall timber trees of the Wooditjup National Park, this eco-park is perfect for nature lovers.

The site features a great range of amenities such as camp kitchens, secluded pitch spots and a camp kiosk.

Margaret Riverview Tourist Park – A fantastic location for campervans, this site sits directly on the riverbank with the Wooditjup Park located just over the river.

Visitors can enjoy superb amenities as well as straightforward access to the town centre and nearby wineries.



Camping in Denmark

If you’re looking for the best camping sites in Denmark, here are some great options to check out:

Denmark Rivermouth Caravan Park – Set on the edge of the Wilson Inlet and Denmark River, this park is exceptional for boat lovers and water sports enthusiasts. Visitors can enjoy private river cruises, 4WD adventures to local nature sites and a variety of wine tasting tours.

Parry Beach Campsite – A fantastic wild camping experience, Parry Beach is located on a remote beachfront property. The area provides excellent access to the water as well as unforgettable night sky views.


Greens Pool near Denmark, Western Australia


Camping in Albany

Albany is a popular destination for campers in Western Australia. With stunning turquoise and white sandy beaches, national parks to explore and a nice community vibe, is offers some of the best camping in Western Australia.

If you’re looking for some great camping spots in Albany, here are some great options to check out:

Albany Happy Days Caravan Park Located on the banks of the River King, the Happy Days Caravan Park is 10 minutes from central Albany and its many attractions.

This peaceful and relaxed camping space is well-liked for its excellent canoe access and its idyllic gardens.

Mt Trio Bush Camp and Caravan Park – Situated in a peaceful natural bush enclave that borders the towering peaks of the Stirling Mountain Range, this site is a wild campers paradise.

Its remote location provides access to stunning bush-walks amongst an abundance of seasonal orchids, wildflower gardens and mountain hiking paths.


Camping in Bremer Bay

If wanting to see Killer Whales while camping in Western Australia, you’ll want to make time to stop in Bremer Bay. Many tours depart from here, giving you the once in a lifetime chance to see killer whales.

If you’re looking for some of the best camping spots in Bremer Bay, here are some great options to check out:

Bremer Bay Caravan Park – A large beachfront campsite with a kids playground and basketball courts, this site is perfect for families or water lovers.

All tent pitches are shaded by Peppi trees which help to protect from the wind and sun exposure.

St Mary Inlet Campsite A campsite set out on grassy banks and located close to the beach, this site is perfect for nature lovers.

This campsite is located close to where southern right whales regularly rest during their migratory period and is also a favourite home for many bird species.

Visit the local kangaroos at Lucky Bay, Esperance

Camping in Esperance

Esperance is one of the most globally recognised tourist attractions on the south coast of Western Australia.

Known for its resident kangaroos that chill out and sun bake on the Lucky Bay, it is a destination that many want to tick off their bucket list.

If you’re looking for some of the best camping in Western Australia, Esperance is the place to go with great options including:

Esperance Bay Holiday Park – One of the most centrally located campsites in the bay area, this park is close to town, the beach and a variety of national parks that will have any visitor amazed by their charm.

Le Grand Beach Campground A beachfront property that is popular among solo and small groups of travellers, Le Grand Beach is a fantastic property set amongst some of the best bush camping in Western Australia.




Camping at Wave Rock

Wave rock is a popular pit stop on the way back from Esperance on the way home to Perth.

With unique rock formations in its surrounding areas, it offers a nice place to stay overnight with some cool things to see before you jet off back home.

If you’re looking for places to camp at Wave Rock, Wave Rock Caravan Park is a good option to check out. Located within walking distance of the iconic Wave Rock, this bush campsite is the area’s leading site.

The park has a vast range of facilities that will cover your every need and is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the area’s sight.

Wave Rock Caravan Park is also close to the impressive Hippos Yawn and Lake Magic and provides guests easy access to a cafe and the local wildlife park.

Best Camping Western Australia - The North Coast




Campsites Along the North Coast of Western Australia

The North Coast of Western Australia was the former frontier of the Australian territory and is a scenic landscape of wild bush, stunning fringing reefs and idyllic coastal roads.

Camping in Kalbarri National Park

If you’re looking for some of the best camping spots in Kalbarri National Park, here are some great options to check out:

Kalbarri Tudor Holiday Park  Tudor Holiday Park provides fantastic access to the national park, the town’s facilities, and the local beach where visitors can enjoy unbelievable surfing and snorkelling.

Tudor Park has various facilities for guests, including a swimming pool, games room, BBQ space and even a skatepark!

Kalbarri Anchorage Holiday Village – The Anchorage Holiday Park is set in the centre of town on the banks of the Murchison River, creating an idyllic campground that is perfect for those looking for a laidback experience.

Kalbarri Anchorage holiday park is the perfect location for those looking to enjoy the riverways, beachfront’s and gorgeous inland scenery of Western Australia.


Camping at Shark Bay

Shark Bay is another popular spot for campers and road-trippers to stop in Western Australia, with incredible landscapes and activities to do.

If you’re looking for some of the best camping in Shark Bay, here are some great options to check out:

Shark Bay Caravan Park- This site is set in the centre of the Shark Bay Peninsula and is a short five minutes from the beach.

With a swimming pool, general store, camp kitchen, and fantastic central location, the Shark Bay Park provides a reasonably priced stay at a peaceful camping space close to the beach.

Big Lagoon Camping– One of the most secluded beachfront camping locations possible in Shark Bay.

This site is fantastic for ocean lovers that want to enjoy some of Australia’s most beautiful coastal regions while enjoying a more wild style camping experience.

Camping in Western Australia - Shark Bay

Camping at Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a popular site for travellers wanting to explore the Ningaloo Reef and its surrounding areas.

One of the best camping sites at Coral Bay is: Ningaloo Coral Bay Campsite.

This is the main campsite in the iconic town of Coral Bay. It provides you with easy access to the heart of the town and the world listed heritage site of Ningaloo reef.

Staying here provides you with easy access to the main activities of Coral Bay, including diving and whale watching, while also featuring facilities like a cafe and bar.

If planning to go camping in Western Australia along the North Coast, you’ll definitely want to make a stop at Coral Bay.


If you’re interested in going snorkelling, scuba diving or even cruising along the Ningaloo reef from Coral Bay, there are various awesome tours to check out.

Here are some popular and highly rated options:

Campsites in Exmouth

Exmouth is another popular site to go camping in Western Australia. Right near Coral Bay, it is a popular site for travellers wanting to explore the Ningaloo Reef and surrounding beaches.

With so many activities to explore, Exmouth is great for solo travellers or familiar alike.

If you’re looking for camping spots in Exmouth, here are some great options to check out:

RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park – RAC is a leading holiday park company in Australia, and their Exmouth Park is no different. Their campsites include world-class facilities like swimming pools, kitchens, games room and much more!

Yardie Homestead – A wild camping paradise set amongst pristine bushland with rugged hills and beautiful coastal stretches.The site provides a peaceful and rural atmosphere while providing guests with an up-close experience of Australia’s diverse wildlife.


Swimming with Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef


Camping in Broome

Broome, although a far distance away from Perth is a magical place in its own right.

Known for its red soil, incredible rock formations and camel riding opportunities, Broome is one of the best camping spots in Western Australia, and will offer a truly unique experience.

One of the most popular camp sites in Broome is: Broome Caravan Park.

Set amongst a shaded outcrop, Broome Caravan Park is located close to town and its many facilities while providing excellent access to Cable Beach and other Broome attractions.

You can also check out some of the top-rated and most popular tours in Broome below:


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In Summary:

No matter where you choose to go camping in Western Australia, you are sure to enjoy some of the most unique and exciting camping locations in all of the Southern Hemisphere!

From bush and water-side camping to caravan-friendly camping spots, there is so much choice when road-tripping around Western Australia.

If you’re planning your trip around Western Australia, ensure to check out some of our other great Western Australia resources below:

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